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Although you might assume that most people would want to avoid buying a property on a main road, there are actually pros to consider along with the cons.

If you are among those who would never seriously consider buying a house on a main road, you are not alone. Its estimated that 50% or more of the buyers will opt to not look at homes on a main road, regardless of the home’s features,” the primary concerns are mainly noise and safety for children and pets.

Key Takeaways
  • You should compare the pros and cons of living on a main road with your personal lifestyle preferences.
  • Advantages include good access to transportation, more shopping and school choices, and better safety.
  • Among the the downsides are noise, a lack of privacy, pollution, and resale value.
If you decide main street living is for you, tell your real estate agent. If you find a house you like, make sure the price you offer takes into account that likely smaller pool of available buyers when you eventually sell.

But is it really such a bad choice? One major upside is that homes on busy streets tend to sell at a discount.

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Lamudi Uganda


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Lamudi Uganda


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Lamudi Uganda


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Lamudi Uganda


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Lamudi Uganda


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Lamudi Uganda


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